Following the unsuccessful attempt to abort, the cat had to be operated and the young extracted

A two-year-old house cat was brought to the surgery after having suffered a miscarriage of two kittens. The cat stopped eating and had high temperature. A lymphatic fluid was dripping from the vagina. By examining and palpation of the abdomen, it was determined that there were still  4-5 kittens in the uterus. We began with the surgery.


After sedation and general anesthesia we shaved and disinfected the area to be operated. The wound is protected with surgical cloths. 


We cut the skin by the centre of the abdomen, muscles and peritoneum, entered the abdomen cavity and extracted the uterus which showed five expansions the size of an egg.


We tied off and extracted the ovaries.

We continued with tying off blood vessels, cutting the uterus and stitching the dock of the uterus.


We stitched the wound on the wall of the abdomen with several layers and sprayed it with antibiotic.


The cat was given antibiotics parenterally and ordered to be brought back in one week for un-stitching.


By examining the uterus, five young 5-6 weeks old were found.