Poljce 24-25.03.2000.

Topics discussed in the symposium:
-         feather diseases with parrots
-         bone diseases with green iguanas
-         pasterelosys with house rabbits
-         bacterial infection of genitourinary tract with cats and dogs
-         treating deep ulcers of cornea
-         X-ray diagnosis of complications related to fractures on dogs and cats
-         intaarticular  surgical treatment of ruptured ligamenta cruciata
        by Schawalderjev method
-         rotational lobe retrospective 16 examples
-         treating diabetes mellitus with dogs
-         electric chemotherapy
-         vaginal citogramme two methods
-          round table programs of registration and dog indication
-         management within the veterinary stomatology
-         veterinary technician the role in dental hygiene
-         radiological diagnoses in veterinary stomatology
-         clinical parodontology  in the third millenium
-         parodontal medicine
-         periodontosis with cats and dogs
Eminent lecturers in the Symposium were participants from Slovenia, California,
Canada and Germany.

During the annual conference of the SVMZ, Ms. Zlata Cop was elected the president of the Association and Mr. Milan Matko the deputy.

Presidency of the SVMZ

Delegation from Croatia participating in lectures (Bencic, Hrvacic, Stezinar and others)

dr. Josip Krasni (left) from BaH
dr. Bojan Zorko (middle) from Slovenia

dr. Krunoslav Hrvacic (right) from Croatia

Ms. Zlata Cop (middle) the new president of the association SVMZ in the wine cellar, accompanied by the Croatian representatives.